Circuit Is Buzzing, The build-up To the Race Is Underway

The build-up to the race is underway. The circuit is buzzing, looks like there’s going to be a huge crowd.

So far I’ve only had 11 flying laps in the car. That’s very often the way before a big race. There’s very limited track time and many drivers to circulate through. Add to that the list of jobs you have to do before the race and it adds up to very little time. However, the car’s in great shape and we’re ready to race.

The car is fantastic. The noise of the V12 is incredible. The sound of the cars coming round the banking is stunning. The highlight of the circuit is undoubtedly breaking into Turn 1 from 190mph from way after the 100-yard marker. The circuit is very busy. 3.56 miles containing 68 cars make a full track day look very quiet.

TRG-Aston Martin Leaves Nothing To Chance

The prototypes, with their high downforce, close up incredibly fast under braking. They’re highly aggressive, leaving no room for error on their part. TRG-Aston Martin leaves nothing to chance and for that reason, we’ve got spotters.

It’s my first time working with one and it’s a really effective tool. No lines from Talladega Nights or Days Of Thunder yet.

We’ve got a full morning before the 2.15 race start. Autograph sessions, drivers’ briefing, team briefing, team photos, driver change practice etc. etc. etc.

Then the all-important words: “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”.

Published On: August 9th, 2021 / Categories: Motorblog, Uncategorized /
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