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Zandvoort Information & FAQs – Track Day Guide For Visitors

The F1 circuit in Zandvoort F1 is the premier location for Dutch motorsport. As a race circuit, Zandvoort is a challenging track which offers drivers of all experience levels a great deal of fun.

The revised circuit, and the incredible banking, has been received with massive approval. George Russell had this to say ““It’s a driver’s favourite. It’s very undulating – all this new banking is a great new experience. “Fast, flowing, you can’t really put a wheel wrong. So I think that’s what we all want from race tracks.”

Zandvoort Information & FAQs

As well as holding racing events and trackdays for both cars and motorcycles, Zandvoort Circuit holds a large number of vehicle shows.  These shows follow a general motorsport theme and exhibit stands, market stalls,  classic car displays, stunt demonstrations and the location is even used as a filming facility for TV Motoring shows ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Fifth Gear’ when testing cars and filming.

Track Day Info For Zandvoort Trackdays

Location: Zandvoort Circuit, Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort, Netherlands
Directions: Zandvoort Circuit On Google Maps

Event Registration: Licence check & wristband issue from 08.30 am.

Track Day Times: 9:00 am To 5.00 pm
Lunch Break: 30 minutes

The popularity of the revamped circuit with drivers is best explained by Sebastian Vettel…  “They didn’t change too much of the track, which is good news,” he said. “The bits they changed, I think they changed for the better. It’s very exciting with the banking.”

zandvoort F1 Circuit Configuration Goldtrack Trackday Events

Zandvoort Racing Circuit
Length: 4.2 km (2.6 miles)
Turns: 14
Race lap record 1:11.097

(Lewis Hamilton driving a Mercedes In the 2021 Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix)

Zandvoort Circuit Drivers Eye View Of The Track

“Another great old school circuit not to be missed. The banking is absolutely incredible”

Calum Lockie

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Gold Track events at Zandvoort are hosted by Melindi Scott and motor racing champion Calum Lockie.  They operate premium trackdays with low numbers ensuring maximum track time.

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Driving Events To Watch Out For At Zandvoort Race Circcuit

Zandvoort is host to a number of great motor racing events.  From the Heineken F1 to the Zandvoort Historic Grand prix – visit the Zandvoort 2023 event diary for more information.

F1 Logo Formula One At Zandvoort

Formula One At Zandvoort

The Heineken sponsored Dutch Formula One is to be held between the 5th-27th August 2023.  If fortunate enough to attend this iconic racing event we recommend these viewing positions – the first turn at Tarzan, either of the banked corners or the final turn on the track (Hugenholtzbocht).

GoldTrack track days with - Calum Lockie Race Coach

Goldtrack At Zandvoort Circuit

Our first-ever track day event at the Zandvoort racing circuit.  With a noise limit of 95 dB we are hosting a single Goldtrack day on Wednesday the 31st of May 2023.  With thanks to the GP Elite management team, we hope this will be the first of many more to come.

Zandvoort Visitors Map Download

Download and print Zandvoort visitors map.

Zandvoort Circuit Facilities Visitor Map Goldtrack Driver Club Track Day Events

Places To Stay Near Zandvoort Race Circuit

If you need a place to stay near Zandvoort , check out our recommendations.

Zandvoort Visitors FAQ

Here is what we think we know so far.  The Zandvoort visitors FAQ 2022

Location: Zandvoort Circuit, Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP Zandvoort, Netherlands
Directions: Zandvoort Circuit On Google Maps

Getting to Zandvoort Circuit By Ferry & Car
Harwich to Hook of Holland is the quickest ferry crossing from England to Holland. This route takes approximately 6 hours 45 minutes. Stena Line operates this route with 14 weekly sailings.

Driving Upon Arrival In the Hook Of Holland

The drive from the Hook of Holland ferry port typically takes around an hour and a half.

Take Harwichweg and Dirk van Den Burgweg/N211 to Maasdijk/N220 in ‘s-Gravenzande
4 min (2.0 km)

Turn right onto Maasdijk/N220
2 min (1.7 km)

Continue on N467. Take Galgeweg and N222 to Wippolderlaan/N211 in Wateringen
14 min (11.1 km)

Take A4 to Leimuiderweg/N207 in Leimuiderbrug. Take exit 4-Nieuw-Vennep from A4
25 min (37.1 km)

Continue on Leimuiderweg/N207. Take N208 and N206 to N201 in Zandvoort

Yes, we run driver tuition at Zandvoort Motor-racing circuit on Goldtrack track days!  No track driver ever stops learning and we take tuition very seriously.

Tuition on a Gold Track day at Zandvoort provides familiarisation and basic tuition right through to in-depth coaching for racers. We chose our ARDS instructors for their experience, communication skills and ability to gauge their input to your current level of experience.

Free Initial Tuition For All Novices Driving At Zandvoort

Our commitment to safety and high standards of track driving starts with free initial tuition for novices, whether it’s your first time ever at Zandvoort or just an unfamiliar circuit.

This ensures that all our customers achieve a certain minimum standard of competence before going solo on the Zandvoort race circuit. One of our instructors will sit with you in your car while you drive your first laps. After that, the instructors are available all day for further advice. You can book 30-minute one-to-one tuition sessions at Zandvoort or at all other events.

Yes. Zandvoort has facilities suitable for disabled access. Please refer to the visitor’s map

Zandvoort Motor Circuit operates under a strict noise management regime.

Goldtrack Track days typically run on a 95 dB noise limit on Zandvoort track days, but please refer to individual track day events for noise limits on the track day event booking page.

There are no cash machines or ATMs available on-site at the Zandvoort race circuit, however, the circuit office and many of the vendors do accept card payments.

Baby changing facilities at Zandvoort can be located on the visitor map.

Zandvoort has a no smoking policy in the public or pitlane areas. Outside area’s, there is no set policy.

You can bring food to Silverstone. However, there is a strict policy banning the use of glass.

Clients attending the Zandvoort motor racing circuit.  Like most of our track days, they include people from all walks of life – from wealthy business people who drive exotic supercars, to young enthusiasts who take hot hatches, sports cars and even family saloons onto the circuits.

A number of competing racing drivers also regularly attend our track days at Zandvoort to refine their circuit knowledge – or just because they can’t stay away.

Calum Lockie is available on all Gold Track days running advanced tuition for safely improving lap speeds at the Zandvoort race track, and you’ll always see a great variety of vehicles whilst meeting interesting people who share a similar passion in cars and driving.

We have covered thousands of track miles on Dunlop road-legal track day tyres and thoroughly recommend them for trackdays at Zandvoort We use them on our Porsche 968 Club Sport track cars and also work with Dunlop Motorsport for circuit only tyres. Check them out at

Zandvoort Track Day Gift Vouchers  – Allow multiple family members or co-employees to contribute to any one of our track day experiences.  Buy gift vouchers in increments of £20.   Visit our track day gift vouchers page

Passenger Experience Testimonial

We asked Dorset-based author Jo Kemp to write a testimonial on her Calum Lockie passenger experience…

I can do this! It’s only a car (that I won’t be driving) and it’ll be no more than 20 minutes or so around a racetrack. Granted… there are one or two sharp bends but it’s a circular racetrack and anyway, I’ll be in the experienced hands of Calum Lockie. 

Easy-peasy I thought as I was trussed into the passenger seat then it slowly dawned on me that this was very, very REAL. This was no ordinary car. This was a mean souped-up Porsche 911 and Calum wasn’t going to take any prisoners. He didn’t.


Ultimate Passenger Experience

A G-force, adrenaline filled, white knuckle terror of a passenger experience. Being driven at high speed around one of the legendary UK race circuits, without any ability to hit the breaks.

Several laps at breathless speeds with champion racing driver/instructor Calum Lockie.



Professional ARDS Race driving tuition by the hour or by the day.  Learn how best to take your classic (or any) fast car around Silverstone, Goodwood, Goodwood, Donington Park, Thruxton, Spa and Rockingham race track circuits.  Learn from a professional.  Book your next track day experience.

Passenger experience with Calum Lockie and Author Jo Kemp Goldtrack Days

Hanging on for grim death we achieved a staggering 155mph during what was one of the most exciting, exhilarating and terrifying bucket list experiences of a lifetime.

Honestly, this is something we all need to do. Never mind fairground rides and the like.  This was the speed that was REAL and in the hands of someone whose experience is REAL, and I will never ever watch motor racing or a car chase again without reliving the total thrill of that 20 minutes around a windswept hill known as Thruxton.

Jo Kemp Author
Works include Chorlton And The wheelies / Jamie & The Magic Torch / Granny Annie Ultimate Alphabet Book / Hourglass Book 1 The Turning

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Goldtrack & Calum Lockie Track Day Sponsors

These are some of the brands that help keep Calum Lockie & Goldtrack equipped when racing on the Zandvoort race track.  Interested in promotion, corporate events or sponsorship in the field of motorsports?  See our sponsorship page