Can I insure my car?

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Can I insure my car on a track day? If you don’t have track cover with your regular insurance (remember to tell them we are ATDO members – it can save you money) You can arrange cover through and

Vehicle Insurance For Your Track Day Event

Vehicle Insurance For Your Track Day Event: Gold track work with Trackday Moris who is on one of the leading providers for Track Day Insurance for Cars & Bikes. They are able to provide instant cover for any car up to £60,000 or motorbike up to £25,000.

Track Day Insurance is all about crash damage to your car/bike. For this type of insurance they are not concerned with whose fault it may be so if another driver is the cause of your accident or if it is a case of you simply running out of talent, luck or lock (or all three at once) and you want to blame another driver for this - we are here to pick up the pieces.

All items of the cars are covered if they are clearly a result of an impact. The main exclusions relate to wear and tear and this includes engine failure or drive train seizing etc. There is NO third party liability cover available so damage to someone else's track day car/bike or injury to another driver/rider is not covered. Everyone is there at their own risk.

If you believe your current road insurers provide track day insurance within your regular policy, we would urge you to ensure you have this in writing. You also want to be clear that in the event of an accident, what would happen to your No Claims Bonus. By taking advantage of our "stand-alone track day insurance policies" certainly any NCB you may have built up over the years will be better protected.

Circuit Recovery Service

We have an option to buy a Track Day Recovery Insurance for circuits within the UK. This is provided by a third party company who will recover you and a defunct car/bike in the event of an accident OR mechanical breakdown. This is a great bolt-on extra.

Personal Accident Insurance

Taking to the track can be daunting and speed is of course involved. Serious accidents are rare BUT they do happen. We are able to provide up to £100,000 cover for Death / Permanent Disablement so for the cost of a few extra pennies, this is a sensible precaution. Policy Excess Insurance For cars under £40,000 we have an option to insure your policy excess. This is not the same as insuring a policy excess when you hire a car and the "triggering point" for a claim is for any accident damage over the stated excess amount. If you have taken out this option the insurers will not deduct the excess from the final settlement amount. We feel this is a great little extra comfort.