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Gold Track take coaching seriously. Your learning doesn’t stop when you leave the day. We offer coaching at different levels both on our days and on other track and test days. Tution from ARDS instructors on Gold Track days All novices on Gold Track days get free familiarisation. You can request this when you book your day. It’s free of charge to all our clients. Tuition on Gold Track days takes you from familiarisation and basic tuition right through to in depth coaching for racers. We chose our ARDS instructors for their experience, communication skills and ability to gauge their input to your current level of experience. You can book 30 minute sessions with our ARDS instructors at £30 each. Coaching with Calum Lockie on Gold Track Days A Grade A ARDS & MSA licenced coach Calum has 25 years experience and over 4000 days on track, Calum has raced in everything from vintage cars through single seaters, saloons, historic touring cars & Radicals to the thundering 700 bhp Marcos Mantara in which he won the British GT Championship partnered with Cor Euser. He is a multiple British Endurance Champion and in 2004 he competed at Le Mans in the first ever Diesel powered Sports Prototype LMP1 car. To date he has contested seventeen 24 Hour races including Le Mans, Daytona, Nürburgring, Zolder and Silverstone For racers and track day goers alike Calum will sit in car with you and work on every aspect of technique and lines. In the time between sessions he will work on car set up if appropriate along with discussion on psychological preparation and approach. From beginners to current competitors searching for those extra tenths. You will work on: Ÿ Your driving technique and lines. Ÿ Your car setup. Ÿ Your physical preparation. Ÿ Your psychological preparation and approach Ÿ Data acquisition and telemetry interpretation You can book 30 minute sessions with Calum at £75 each. General Testing, Track Day or Race Day Support. At most circuits and with most organisers Calum is now able to sit in car with you. You’ll work on many valuable areas. Preparation - you and your car, observation corner by corner with specific comparisons, braking points and lines, car set up and the often forgotten important support and encouragement. Video V box HD - State of the art in-car video & data Calum uses Racelogic's Video VboxHD in-car video system which combines a digital video recorder with two four bullet camera inputs, a real-time graphic overlay and a GPS data logger in a single, powerful package. GPS enhanced video is very useful in analysing and improving the performance of both driver and vehicle. Video Vbox HD is widely regarded as one of the best in-car video and data systems available, with high video and graphics quality, flexibility, accuracy, ease of use, and reliability. Whatever your level, Video Vbox HD not only produces ex-citing in-car video footage, but also allows you to carry out in-depth driver analysis, using Racelogic's powerful yet simple to use Circuit Tools software. Video Vbox HD records the graphically enhanced video to an SD card which can then be played on all common media players and uploaded to YouTube without conversion. GPS data is synchronised with the video at source for easy analysis. Contact us to discuss availability and price of exclusive days with Calum.

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