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Goldtrack gift voucher

Goldtrack Track days Gift Voucher

The ideal gift for all petrol heads. Instantly solve your problem for buying Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or retirement gifts with a Gold track gift voucher. Buying a voucher for an adrenalin-fueled track day experience at one of the legendary race track circuits (Silverstone, Goodwood, Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Thruxton or Rockingham) will provide a never to be forgotten 'golden' memory.

There is no finer present than a track day in our opinion, but when you want to give a one as a present, you’ll often find it’s hard to tie down a specific date for someone without giving away your cunning plan.

Trying to find a date that suits them, getting it blanked out in their calendar without actually telling them what you’re up to, is nigh on impossible without being rumbled. Much easier to buy a GoldTrack voucher and leave them to book their own day.

You can use Gold Track vouchers on any of our track days. Your voucher comes with a unique code to be used on our website.

How much? You chose how much you want to gift. A look at our calendar page will give you an idea of prices for our upcoming events. You can spend between £20 and £6000 in increments of £10
Redeem: Your recipient doesn’t need to spend their whole voucher in one go. They can make partial redemptions.

Once you’ve decided how much your voucher is to be for you’ll choose the message to personalise your gift voucher with and we will email the voucher straight to the recipient. Your work is done.


Gold Track - winner of the ‘Track Day Organiser of the Year’ award 2016 is one of the UK's longest established and most respected professional track day event organisers. Our USP is that we run open pitlane events with no queueing.

Who attends and what do they drive

Our clients include people from all walks of life - from wealthy business people who drive exotic supercars, to young enthusiasts who take hot hatches, sports cars and even family saloons on to the circuits. A number of competing racing drivers also regularly attend our days, to refine their circuit knowledge - or just because they can't stay away. At any Gold Track day, you'll always see a great variety of machinery and meet loads of interesting people who share a passion for cars and driving.

Is there a photography service?

Our events are supported by Fresh Orange. You can buy photos on the day or from their website.

Upcoming track days

Book Donington Park National circuit Driver Trackdays Bookings
Donington Park
Donington Park Circuit Trackday 28.10.21
Event ID: 118dB

£499 28 Oct - Track Day Info
Book Track Day Events at Goodwood with Goldtrack
Goodwood Circuit Trackday 2021-11-06
Event ID: 98dB

£329 06 Nov - Track Day Info
Book Silverstone Grand Prix circuit Driver Trackdays Bookings
Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit trackday 12.11.21
Event ID: 105dB

£329 12 Nov - Track Day Info