Track Day Driver Coaching & ARDS Tuition

Track day driver coaching & ARDS tuition with motorsports champion Calum Lockie or Goldtrack associate.

driver coaching race tuition with calum lockie

Race Driver Coaching In the UK WIth Goldtrack

Benchmarking circuit lap times using a tracking system from VBox motorsport. Calum Lockie will help you become a faster, safer and more consistent driver by analysing your run and benchmarking other track times against it.

Using the World-renowned VBox data system Calum and the Goldtrack Ards team can analyse your laps and overlay laps to look at where improvements can be found. Calum works with you to make you not only faster, but safer and more consistent too.

Calum Lockie Tuition

£7500Per 30 mins
  • Professional circuit training with racing champion Calum Lockie

ARDS Associate Tuition

£4000Per 30 mins
  • Professional circuit training with a certified ARDS instructor
  • Race Circuit Driver Training

  • Classic Car Driver Racing Tuition
  • Driver Analysis & Benchmarking

ARDS which stands for the Association of Racing Driver Schools. A governing body that represents all of the Racing Schools across the UK. ARDS is recognised by Motorsport UK, which assigns the task of regulating member racing schools and setting the standards for licensing circuit instructors to ARDS.

Visit the ARDS website:

To obtain a Grade A Ards licence. The instructor must demonstrate to their ARDS sponsor school that they have undertaken regular instructing work to a standard that justifies an upgrade from Grade B. Progression up the licence classes up to the highest (grade A) is performed by auditing and final approval by ARDS governing body.

Visit the ARDS website:

In 2014 the MSA created a new accredited coaching structure for UK motorsport.

Prior to 2014, individuals wishing to promote themselves as a ‘driver coach’ had little more than their own competitive credentials to point to. However, being a good driver does not necessarily equip someone to be a good driving coach – hence the MSA implemented a new framework for driver coaching certification.

The main reason the MSA did this was for three key goals.

  • Raised standards – To raise standards within motorsports coaching and to provide a level of consistency that ensures best practice and a good experience for all drivers at whatever level.
  • Future champions – Improve the role of race coaching with a view to nurturing racing talent & future champions.
  • Liability – As the governing body of UK motorsport, the MSA has a duty of care to ensure that those responsible for coaching others are properly trained, assessed and accredited.

Visit the MSA website:

Driver Coaching Locations & Availibility

Driver coaching has a specific minimum time requirement due to physical location.  If time is not an issue, Calum Lockie is available for driver tuition on all GoldTrack days throughout the UK.

Available from Silverstone race circuit or on all GoldTrack track days

4 Hour Race Driver Coaching Locations are available from

  • Bedford Autodrome, Bedfordshire
  • Donington Park, Leicestershire
  • Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire

8 Hour Driving Sessions are available from

  • Anglesey Circuit, Aberffraw, Anglesey
  • Bedford Autodrome, Bedfordshire
  • Blyton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
  • Brands Hatch, Fawkham, Kent
  • Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire
  • Castle Combe Circuit, Castle Combe, Wiltshire
  • Croft Circuit, North Yorkshire
  • Donington Park, Leicestershire
  • Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, West Sussex
  • Knockhill, Fife
  • Llandow Circuit, Vale of Glamorgan
  • Lydden, Canterbury, Kent
  • Mallory Park, Leicestershire
  • Oulton Park, Cheshire
  • Pembrey Circuit, Pembrey, Carmarthenshire
  • Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire
  • Snetterton Circuit, Norfolk
  • Thruxton, Hampshire
Driver Training & Coaching With Calum Lockie Racing Driver & Coach | Goldtrack

Professional Driver History Calum Lockie

Calum Lockie is an A Grade A ARDS & MSA licenced coach Calum who has some  25 years of experience and over 4500 days on track.

Having raced in everything from vintage cars through single-seaters, saloons, historic touring cars & Radicals to the thundering 700 bhp Marcos Mantara in which he won the British GT Championship partnered with Cor Euser.

Calum is also a multiple British Endurance Champion and in 2004 he competed at Le Mans in the first-ever Diesel powered Sports Prototype LMP1 car.

To date, Calum has contested seventeen 24 Hour races including Le Mans, Daytona, Nürburgring, Zolder and Silverstone.

Driver Training & Coaching With Calum Lockie Racing Driver & Coach | Goldtrack

Driver Coaching With Calum Lockie British GT Motor Racing Champion

  • A Grade A ARDS & MSA licenced coach

  • British GT Championship Winner

  • British Endurance Champion

  • Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race

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“A fantastic present for my mum, 119 MPH around the Goodwood race circuit with her CL ultimate passenger experience.  Highly recommend.”

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Race Driver & Driving Coach - Calum Lockie

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